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Go West, Young Woman

Interesting times as I close out this chapter in my remaining two months (just under two months) living here on the East Coast. See previous two entries if you blinked and missed. But I'll be back more. I'm not even sure this thing is on but it's nice to drop by even if it is only once or twice a year or half year.

I'm ready. My decision was forced by circumstances even if moving West was something I planned on eventually.....rather than right away. It is all a good thing. There are some unknowns career-wise since I have to do this move for personal reasons and hope that I land upright doing something with a semblance to what I currently do and have been doing and relates to my transferable skill sets of instructional design/curriculum design, program evaluation, student assessment, social science research (both qualitative and quantitative methods), and career counseling. Surely there's something that will pay the bills.

I also just recently got my Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1 certification. And confirmed that I indeed have the preferences of I-N-T-J and I know how it impacts what grinds my gears, who I get on well with, who and what annoys the crap out of me, my strengths and weaknesses, and ways in which I might be misunderstood. Fascinating stuff and I am glad I bit the bullet and took the training FWIW.

More soon.

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